We have many years of experience working in the practice of Mergers and Acquisitions, both nationally and internationally, allowing us to identify the best opportunities for you.

We personalize each project, creating the best team, depending on the business sector, in order to carry out the operation successfully.


Our team is made up of professionals that are renowned in the practice of restructurings and insolvencies, as well as other complementary areas such as banking, finance and tax law.

We offer a solid team to provide legal advice to companies in situations of pre-insolvency or insolvency, of both economic or equity in nature. Having carried out various insolvency proceedings, both as bankruptcy trustees and advisors, we are able to face any business crisis situation, applying the most efficient legal measures available in order to achieve the outlined objectives.


We advise our clients in all types of operations, such as incorporations, drafting and amending of statutes, calls of corporate bodies, day-to-day corporate life, dissolutions and liquidations, and other structural changes in the company.

Likewise, we advise on the negotiating and drafting of contracts, both commercial and corporate in nature, while also advising in situations of conflict between partners and company administrators.


As members of various associations and organizations, we have national and international experience in dispute resolution procedures in the non-judicial sphere, an increasingly-used method in the business world.

Our team members regularly attend international conferences on arbitration.


We have extensive experience in matters of civil and commercial litigation, specializing in an appropriate analysis of the procedural strategy and the negotiating of judicial or extrajudicial settlements.

Our team includes professionals experienced in numerous court proceedings, allowing us to respond appropriately to your needs, to design the legal strategy that best suits the requirements of each case, and to defend the interests of our clients before, during, and after each judicial procedure.


In this area, we offer expert advice in diverse areas such as white collar crime, punishable insolvencies, money laundering, crimes against intellectual property, offenses against the market and consumers, offenses against the Treasury and Social Security, falsified documents, and the criminal status of the company.

Our team not only has extensive experience in exercising the prosecution or defense in the field of criminal jurisdiction, but also is fully able to meet the new challenges of the Economic Criminal Law or Company amid recent reforms of the Penal Code, and especially after the regulation of the criminal liability of companies and legal entities.

Currently, companies can be sentenced independently of penalties which may be imposed on their administrators or social representatives, and because of this, we offer specialized advice to companies regarding regulatory compliance in order to detect potential penal risks that they may face.


The professional expertise of our team allows us to offer our clients extensive experience and knowledge of the practice of urban development and real estate law. We offer services in real estate sales, real estate financing, sale-and-leaseback, and leases of real estate assets.

In addition, the firm has extensive experience in advising owners of hotel chains, tour operators, and other tourism operators, both in the analysis, drafting, and negotiation of contracts, and in the restructuring and downsizing of the business. Our deep industry knowledge and comprehensive view of the problems and inconveniences that may arise in the process has enabled us to successfully advise multiple operations in recent years.